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X-men Icon Contest

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This is a contest community for the X-men universe.

Submissions may be from the comics, trading cards, video game promos (no screenshots, please), animated TV series (the first one or X-men: Evolution), or movies unless otherwise specified. For instance, if there is purely movie-based contest theme, then only movie-based icons will be accepted.

The contests will be held weekly. A theme will be posted on Monday (very early morning - basically Sunday night) and icons will be accepted until Friday night. However, if the poll is not up, entries will still be accepted. The voting will take place until Sunday afternoon/evening, when the results will be posted.

Submitting Entries

To make your entry, comment on the post for the current challenge (see below for a link) and please include the IMG SRC code, as well as the HTML for the icon (ends with .jpg, .gif, .png). Like so:


See all some of the past themes here!

Entries/the comm. itself:
= Must be 100x100 pixels/40K or less (in other words, actual icon-sized).
= Images used can be from the movies, comics, trading cards, video games, or TV shows, but not fanart.
= Three entries per contest are allowed per person, unless otherwise specified.
= Be nice and clean - no R/NC-17/character trashing icons. Never had a problem with this, so hopefully this rule is just superfluous.
= Do not pimp your entry in your LJ or elsewhere to try and get votes.
= Play nicely - don't diss other peoples' entries.
= If you want to use one of the submissions in your own LJ/IJ/etc, ask the maker.
= Off-topic posts will be deleted.

= Vote for 3 if there are 10 or more entries, 2 otherwise.
= Do not vote for your own entry.
= Do not vote for your friend's entry, just because he/she is your friend.
= Anonymous votes will not be accepted, and you must be a member of the community to vote.
= If there is a three-or-more-way tie, there will be a tiebreaker poll. Two-way ties will be left alone.

Votes that go for the wrong number of entries (voting for two when you should vote for three, for instance) will be disqualified. Makers who vote for their own icons will have their icons disqualified. If I suspect any other sort of cheating, the icon and/or votes in question will be disqualified, and if it occurs multiple times and the maker has been warned, they will be banned.

This community is moderated by liangzhu and ittykat. Currently, banners are being very helpfully supplied by burningwhisper. :D

Our current layout was made by umi_pryde, while the banner on this page was made by ladyithildiel, the winners of the 200th week's contest! Credit for the layout code goes to komorebii.


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