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17 August 2009 @ 06:36 pm
Theme - Week 212  
We didn't get any entries for week 211, so we're cancelling it and starting afresh with a new challenge!

Week 212 - Death!

Any character who has died is open for use this week, whether the character is dead currently or not. Death scenes are a bonus, but not a requirement. Comics, Movies, TV shows, all are open for use, though if a character has only died in one medium, then they are only eligible for that medium (Not that many currently come to mind)

= Each member is allowed three entries.
= Submit your entries in a screened comment to this post, including the [IMG SRC] and [URL] of the icon(s).

Entries are due Friday, August 21st.

Current entries:
Current Music: All Along The Watchtower - Bear McCreedy